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Help Monarchs!!!

I've been slacking on the blog (not for lack of ideas or content!), but we have an idea to help the Monarch Butterfly Population and would love your participation!

I'm sure if you've spent any amount of time speaking with Stephanie, you know she is a nature enthusiast of all sorts and is active in land and species preservation. For the past 8 or so years she has raised and tagged monarchs and has worked to restore a section of our property with native plants including milkweed that is vital for the life cycle of the monarch butterfly. We have even been certified as a 'Waystation' by Monarch Watch. (See how here: )

Due to the loss of milkweed habitat (the ONLY plant monarchs lay their eggs on, and a popular nectaring/food plant), monarch populations have significantly declined and are at their all time lowest number.
"....Farmers in the corn-belt region of the United States are using vast quantities of herbicides, in an effort to wipe out milkweed. Numbers of the plant have declined 21 percent between 1995 and 2013." Article Source:

SO, how does this apply to One Love Candle & Bath and YOU? For every online order received now (June) until October 1st, we will plant & designate a milkweed plug for YOU (or someone you love) in our Monarch Waystation Habitat with YOUR name and send you updates when your plant is being used for egg laying, pupating, and food for caterpillars and adult butterflies. You will have helped in conservation for these amazing creatures and also have the joy and beauty of witnessing their life cycle from the comfort of your laptop or phone! If you've been thinking about placing an order, now's the time! Just mention that you would like to be signed up in the 'notes' section at checkout!
Much Love <3