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Chalkboard Mason Jar


Chalkboard Mason Jar


We poured the essence of freshly picked apples into our mason jars, then embellished them with a chalkboard and a piece of chalk tied with twine.  Excellent gift as the chalkboard can be personalized.  Perfect for an educator, artist, or just for fun!  
ur candles are made from 100% pure American soy beans, not a blend of vegetable waxes.  We source the highest quality American grown and produced soy beans and hand pour in small batches to ensure long, even, clean burning times.  We only scent our candles with pure essential oils and plant-based fragrances, resulting in true to life aromas.  Our wicks are made from 100% pure American grown cotton as well.  No lead or metal here. The jars?  Those are made in the USA too!   Breathe easier and support local and American made!

16 Oz. - 100+ Hour Burn Time 

Tips for a long candle life:
Make sure to always keep your wick trimmed to 1/4" and let the wax melt all the way to the sides before extinguishing your flame.  Keep out of open drafts which may cause the candle to burn uneven.

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